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We need an email address to acknowledge that we have received the information you have completed on this form. If you do not have your own email address, please provide an email address where you are happy for an acknowledgement to be sent. If you would prefer not to receive an acknowledgment, please use the following email address in this field – dpfoi.noack@hmrc.gov.uk Please note: if this field is left blank your form will not be accepted.

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If you are ‘looked-after’ (in care), please provide details of your responsible Local Authority. This is the local authority that first took responsibility for your care when you came into care, not the one you currently live in. If you have any queries about this please call us on 01296 310400. It is important that you enter the right local authority.

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I declare that I am the person named above and that I am entitled to request personal information under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018.

I also hereby give my consent to HM Revenue & Customs to disclose information held on my Child Trust Fund to The Share Foundation Ltd. (reg. charity 1108068, address: The Share Foundation, 1st Floor, Ardenham Court, Oxford Road, Aylesbury HP19 8HT) who are acting on my behalf in making this request, including confirmation that account provider details have been supplied to me.

I also authorise The Share Foundation to provide my contact information to my account provider and The Tracing Group as necessary to establish the location of my account, and I authorise my account provider to provide confirmation to The Share Foundation of the date when I have taken control of my account.

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